Rule N° 3 of Fight Club, Annex 2 — You must save Institutions

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First they came for the jerk–offs

First they came for the jerk–offs .:. 438F86F2-F5F6-4E23-A682-07E057AA59FF ~ But because Air America no longer existed, yada-yada-yada,…

The Holy Book of Armaments, chapter ii; verses 9 to 21… King Arthur insisted on calling Nº FIVE, —Number Three. When asked why by some bloke called Brian, King Arthur could only quote a feller from The Washington Post called Eugene Robinson saying,  “I’ve been to the Southern Part of América and seen a TYRANNY or TWO”, so Eye covered it. To which Brian replied, “What the fuck is a Washington Post, and what kind Donkey did Eugene Robinson rode into town WITT?”.


TIMMY! .:.

Intrigued, a bloke named Brian followed up with, “now your majesty, what is this Southern Part of América that you speak of, and are you saying that U812?”, please do tell, said Brian.

King Arthur then said that he tried, but that he was skeptical about the menu, which for $20 million Aztec quids, and a “pledge” to buy (in voluntary, form) a lottery ticket for a Flying Circus Fortress, that it kind of gave the Warrior King a case of “The Revenge of « Montezuma »” even before the Hot Tamales de Chipilín were prepared.

Deer, TIMMY!

Deer, TIMMY! .:. 61A0B51F-3EEF-4A4D-85A3-87E700213C11 🧮 Tommy sends his 🕶 regards: 🖕🏼

… [A]nd people forget, that every circus has more than one ACT, ISSY ¡que t’estoy Echando el Ojo a ti España! Vaya manera de servir el plato principal al estilo de El nuevo  patrón  Emperador del Patio Trasero; ISSY’n sarcasmo esta vez, a ver cuándo, John Mill Ackerman “atrapan” a Los Moreira en Saltillo, pa’ver si deveras es “integral” la cenita esa con buches d’AGUAS para los empresarios de Salinas de Gortari; a.k.a. LA EX mafia de El Poder, eh‽

¿Misión Cumplida?

¿Misión Cumplida? .:. 32DD3056-4466-4FBC-BB73-F7D462FDE076 —_•!•_— Lozoya Austin es el Chivo expiatorio de Romero Deschamps.

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