A tale of two Fuentes — Hey, Chuckles… you get a pass*

Ladies in Gemini, we [the staff] are forced to multithread Los Hilos de Sasha and Los Hilos de Hawaii along with the news of the day.

Los monitos de la jornada

Los monitos de la jornada .:. 362D798D-08A0-4956-8A07-2DF78030742D 🤞🏼Una bendi’jion de dedos cruj’ados.

So, Chuck Todd, because we’ve felt the “brown shirt” and “stasi–like” harassment from both the Mexican presidential election of 2012 and, from the U.S. election of 2016, öüï [the staff] are not going to dock your honky-ass a day’s pay, for being a dick on the Air. Consider this a warning, because it’s Fire—fire H.E.A.T. if you ever feel ‘silly’ again.

You are not fooling anyone

You are not fooling anyone with those crooked spectacles, John Oliver .:. 83423835-05A4-41DF-914A-90812E1D6640 … Ewe people all look the same to Mí.


And … justice for Trump—cable tv talkers to the right of Rachel Maddow, re–JOYce, the POTUS just used his government appointed LAWyer to meddle in the course of one of them President’s henchman; a plumber, no less.

Even if the democrats win

Even if the democrats win .:. 8D8A24C4-117D-417B-B232-1A752FD07D7D

The Rule Of Law is broken.

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