Mr. Alexander? — Not Guilty. Mr. Romney? — Guilty.

Abuse of Power:  Guilty 48/52 Not Guilty

La Charola

“Charola Clause » .:. 532ABE51-BFAB-4A8E-AA60-8862DA9B9B66 – Worst than a Mexican “federale”

Obstruction of Congress: Guilty 47/53 Not Guilty

Obstruction of Congress

Obstruction of Golden Gavels .:. 1226F762-0D29-418F-A0ED-47F8E6A343EC 🛎 Next mileStone: Pre-Burn Books… “To the MOON, Alice! To the MOON!”.

… Any güey, Brian Williams, do you Speak American? Eye asks, because the EU Onion just changed the official English language from « Rosbif », to “Irish Drunk”. In any “Rage” scenario, what’s up with the THYME DELAYED AY–Oh–WA caulking, Eye hears that Kornacki is now calling on G.P.S. Satellites, which it’s Code for Dave Matthews Band results in favor of Bernie. And, Sir, please bee advised that your “Fireside” radio-days announcer voice is always, Eye-said, Always! Part of the Burlington Coat Factory plan.

… Any güey, PHIL GRIFFIN, “road warriors” march just like the British formations on a CONTINENTAL Army skirmish match; motherfucker! What the NATION needs is a god-damned GUERRILLA STRIKER, like Mí–Sol–LA and Sí, re: DO.


TimeStamp: Oh–Six–hundred hours in Central NATO times, —en FA, which it’s Mexican for: en Caliente, just ask doña Tati @ the Mexican Hill; she’s a translator, or something like D.A.T..


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