Eye keeps telling you,
D.A.T. – D.A.R.E. tv collection fund
D.A.T. the u.s. got going D.A.R.E.
for more that 3 months is a
RACKET, o cómo dicen los franceses:
un arnaqué.

Ben .:. Franklin says hello

Ben .:. Franklin says hello 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 47FAC649-8D14-414B-A7E7-71CC48052483

And nevermind Mike Bloomberg’s
what’s worse worst it’s seeing Rachel Maddow
sigh, yet again.

In NATO news

G.L.A.D that you enjoyed that
“Aerial shot”, Nicole…
öüï A.I.M. to please.

LOS MONJES DE BARTLETT en Iowa… because we’ve seen a few Banana Republics vote, —öüï covered it!


l’Habit ne fait pas des moines .:. 058CC014-E002-4AF7-8BD8-2A60DCCE66CD 📲📵


The Playbook:

The glitch

The glitch strategy .:. ED7C6C35-31B3-4888-A4DF-E7EE2704FE73 🕹… [S]o, “it’s a Mexican Stalement”, said Hitler Youth–reject, Jonathan Betzler.

https ://en .m .wikipedia. org /wiki /Manuel_Bartlett

https ://m .imdb .com /title/ JOJO Rabbit

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