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If you must "cheat", then CHEAT for the good of The Order.
Record the jurors for U.S.

Record the jurors for U.S. — Wear a “Spy Camera” if you must, or bring the old CAMcorder if you are B.O.L.D. .:. 099BD381-6ADF-4D20-9D6C-84D9AEADC714 Take a SELFIE when the republicans are going into private “rooms” while the “freshman” Manager for the Congressional Team, makes his or her presentation. But most of All, motherfuckers, be original.


This is not a Slaughter House

This is not a Slaughter House .:. 929E0FD7-6863-4931-86A9-CF97E4F398A8 ✍🏽👁 Dear, Radio France: is this all that we (the staff) are to you? CIRCUS FLEAS? That is to say, you know, so “Egalitarian” of youse, giving u.s. “sound bytes” and « double entendres »  as the “food and lodging” provided by “The Animal Trainer” in Charlie Chaplin’s voice. Let me, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto remind you that when Bruno at the 7th Dêpot Group confiscated my  Talents and Competence card, it was because I would not give  you  them a list of the people in France whom I had interviewed with regards to Mexican “institutionalized” corruption, as VIEWED FROM FRENCH soil and, the effects that this would have on the Mexican presidential elections of 2018*. I know that somewhere on the postings of this most non-consequential blog i went ahead and ‘noted’, that on that sunny September   of   afternoon of 2015, when I became (for the first time in France) a SANS PAPIERS, the outside walls of the Préfecture de Police à Cité; Metro Line 4, were “accessorized” with snapshots of « notes » taken from the Jewish people that the French at the Préfecture in those dark days had collected from regular French citizens who had happen to be neighbors, or with proximity to the people that CNEWS is commemorating today. Now D.A.T., Reverend Al Sharpton, is what the competent Gypsies call: Poetic Reverence, because in REEL TIME, there is hardly any justice to celebrate.  🎛 AUSSI, Monsieur, Philippe Labro, to MATCH©️ the Disneyland®️ Advertising of today’s CNEWS™️ in France, be advised that if you ZOOM on the “brightest” WINDOWS on the cover of n° 2518, Mickey Mouse©️ can be seen waiting by them TRACKS… COINCIDENCE, only if you take out the 67,000 French visitors who went ahead and visited the “site”; my source you ask? PAGE 3 en Plus.

📜 Hear Ye! Hear Ye
Our Lorde, Pluto (area code 714; formally of Ontario, —Aussi) hereby declares that; despite the Age of Camelot in Anaheim, which is rumored to top Mike Barnicle’s candles on his most recent birthday cake; and the unfortunate breaking of “la Lame” de Excalibur, Disneyland Paris reserves the right to recognize “the improvised” ( Sam ) mentioned on page 2 of Cheesy–Chessy’s Direct CNEWS BFM’er Matines, as THE SECOND KNIGHT, promised by, say, a most non–consequential blog. 📯


BRIAN! Here’s an HasteRISK for what Eye means; in REEL Time: Check it out, Purple Pundit, Thyme Now in Bob Costa’s stolen Joan Manuel Serrat’s bottle is, 18h23 in Central NATO Times… of course, when we tell you T.H.I.S. in Real Time, we are always given the Bruce Hornsby lyrics…

Must be read in a

Must be read in a .:. 4E03363A-FB51-43D3-AA36-3486FEF0FADF ⚖️ Raphaël Morán, Anne Marie Mergier, Vilma Fuentes choir voice:  🎶 Say hey little kid you can’t play where the OTHER kids play 🎵…” —_•!•_— …[B]ecause you are not part of their C.L.U.B. —_•¡•_— Pictured above the media dentils: Puro TALENTO apto para el Instituto Francés en la CDMX, en SciencesPo París y, por supuesto en el “bendito” IHEAL (el sótano) de La Sorbona en Saint Germain–des–Pres; casi esquina con el “Studio” de Mr. Johansen, Colin, —one each.

Here’s a Time Stamp, para la memoria de los Encuentros Cinematográficos Viva México en el IHEAL.

Tenga su MeloTone

Tenga su MeloTone, coming to theaters in 2040; here’s an excerpt:
— What are you doing the rest of your life?
— Waiting for Death Cab, cutie; what else is D.A.R.E.?

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