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To: Tatiana Clouthier
CC: Victoria DeFrancesco-Soto
Bcc: Dan Crenshaw

Subject: There's an Ugly Mexican driving that Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Despistadísima, Tati;

Estimada, doña Tati

Estimada, doña Tati; please meet u.s. at our “Time–delayed entry” from 13/01/2020 week-long Special: 11 de el mañana en Central Otan~MO Times… at the bottom of that PAGE .:. 8878642C-0C27-48F5-9752-799EEF2B4ABA 📷 In the meanwhile, we here in C.E.T. (proper) switch it over to Studio 3–A, who insist on placing a « palanca » on the Uncle Joe by spilling oil on the track, where Bernie is right on the VP’s tail… dicho de otra manera Adrieene Elrod, Morjo m’sta “chicaneando” el circuito… COUSIN Joe, Eye knows that you are a Roadrunner / Willey E. Coyote derby fan, but your programming is resembling an ACME whatchamagigit BHV wholesaler for the ‘Cheating’ kind. And, you blind checkered flag setter boy 🏁 the NYT no canta tan mal las rancheras playing “LukeWarm” with the féminas on the race, AMY and Sanders, Mika; or, BERNIE and Kloubuchar, Senator Warren can’t cash, –as them INDIANA boys— say, cash her last pit-stop rubber & fuel check.

De arranque, señora diputada, ni modo que niegue usted que no se lo advertimos, that is to say you know provided that you would take the time to read this most non-consequential blog, because then you would remember that in our Week–long, Mars Mom is back at work special edition, we [the staff] did warn you about a “Smoke Signal” looking right at you in that FEDERAL Seat that you currently occupy, así que el hecho de no saber quién es quién en cuestión de Bandas Mexicanas no es excusa como para no saber qué o quién, es un M–2.

There's a Mexican stealing signals in that frame

There’s a Mexican stealing signals in that frame .:. CC29AE81-8E89-4CA8-BA42-9D997E25ABE6 ⚾️ Not shown inside the frame is a despicable Boston Red Socks signal snatcher, Bostonians, who needs them? The Astros, that’s WHO.

Any güey, qué se puede esperar en tiempos cuándo los Estados Unidos ahora adopta la misma  política protocolaria de CHINA y Corea del Norte, o mismo Irán siendo que la transmisión televisiva del chingado juicio de destitución de Donald Trump, será controlado por un Senado empeñado en tapar el Sol con un “sólo” índice.

TimeStamp: 13h40 CET

Iowa, Iowa, Iowa. It has the ring of a bad (not good) Brady Bros re-hash. For the record, the staff of this most non–consequential blog remains non–committed to any particular candidate on the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election. Dicho de otra manera, “el” Rod… Eye still has the bad taste of that “Glorious episode” when Buzzfeed triangulated with the receptors at the Morjo Show and at “the” Radio Farce for a « Take out » of Hamburgers in Paradise, in that sense, doña Tati, aquí es en dónde la bola del pie Izquierdo engrana el clutch, sets–off the afterburner and thank god for kerbs because it’s see you later on the thing ugly Mexicans refer to, as: el retrovisor, it’s part of the ruhles, “el” Rod, so long as the rubber stays on the track, and off the gravel. Por ejemplo, “el” Rod, let’s bring in POLITICS to Mr. David French’s, Tennessee Gospel experience, which the Reverend Al Sharpton just happened to be weighing in, so, with that in mind, Mr. Bardella, (i’m pretty sure it’s your real name) meet u.s. ⤵️

Hear me out, Rev

Hear me out, Rev., and please read the following in a Graffen* not Griffin^ voice .:. 780189E6-A8BE-4967-B8B6-8FD7F7F006A5… Eddy Currents are at a peak, please excuse the delay; time now 22h22 CET

… So, by this Standard, es decir, Doña Tatiana Clouthier, tocando el tema de “el” EQUIPAZO de abogados de Donald Trump en el proceso de su Des•ti•tu•CIÓN, (teóricamente) el difunto SUEGRO de Kanye West sería uno de los abogados “made for T.V.” del presidente 45 revoluciones.por.minuto en Washington.

However, Reverend Sharpton, you know what is poetic about the THIRD WEEK of January? Meet me on Our Next Post and you’ll find out.

La Gloria es Excepcional

La Gloria es Excepcional .:. 64DB980F-9F82-43C3-8731-FB14126838D5 🌬💨🌊➡️🧘🏽‍♂️🐾⚾️🍏📷🏁📸 —_•!•_— La Greta meets the mighty–mighty Davos.

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