Dear, Cousin Joe… int-er… esting

The following is Time–Delayed entry:
15h00 in “this is no time for Siesta” times.

It's Showtime comes Spring training

It’s Showtime come Spring training .:. 2320A35D-EC04-40DF-A714-13B9A7314597 👊🏼 Screen capture courtesy of the MorJo Show 15/01/2020

— Senator Sanders, what went through your Mind and Spirit when the CNN debate modera-trice ignored your response to Senator Warren’s ‘cartucho’ and then proceeded to frame her ‘LeadinG’ questioning like a Texas County prosecutorial civil servant?

[ 🏅] And Bernie goes, “It was Gold, Jerry Mandarin, G.O.L.D.!

Right after Donnie Deutsch, got punched on the Morning Joe Show.

++++++ Öüï now return to yesterday’s self-service station on any given democratic debate screening-show +++++

Let mî go and jerk-off, and then öüï will get back to Special Seal Dangleberry and his apologist ways; by-the-guey, Cousin Joe, “Let Mî go and Jerk-off” is the new Book from the The New Pope, John Brannox, on the “C+Canal-NewsMatin, que Philippe Labró »… in other news, John Heilemann gets high on Camel–brand toes and he also likes weed. “He also likes weed” is also Phil Griffin’s new pilot on the peacock network, “He also likes weed” airing this Martin Luther King weekend after the new Purple Pundit’s midnight lecture: There’s Something about You-Crane.

It's all downhill from here

It’s all downhill from here .:. EFFAB409-D5E9-4576-90E7-1F69FFF6B154 👋🏼

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