Inter–Jet — Room 22

Season 2, Episode 17

My friends are gonna be there two

One-way ticket .:. 48BC26D0-A3F4-4DC0-84F1-7D0308192812 —_•!•_— Dios mio, Niño Luc, “My friends are gonna bee D.A.R.E. — Two 🛬 Catch you at the Midnight Hour, Niño Luc, sweet dreams… [A]nd, “don’t forget TWO include Evry one”; in yo’PREYers, —of course— because Prayers are so unheard and/or answered Up there. So, x’cuse Mí, while Eye Kiss the Sky.

Twenty–two (Part IV)

Historique pas hystérique

Historique pas hystérique .:. 669C6CD0-6F6F-4631-A929-98A38F912410 🧟‍♀️

“Room for one more, Honey”

Previously on Donald John Trump was taking a nap, the FOGHAT of GWAR was taking a slow ride playing a game of “Initech Jump to Conclusions Mat“.

Flew in from Miami Beach BOAC

Flew in from Miami Beach BOAC .:. 7897A690-E069-425A-8B95-DE728D533855 🎶

Dear, Purple Pundit; Eye will be sitting ring-side atThe Arena”and maybe you give u.s. a subtle W.I.N.K., eh‽ How’bout ‘It’?

— And Nicolle, went:

Pundit's in Black

Pundits in Black .:. 9EEC4AA0-9A5F-4685-816A-223A690BA1F6 🎼


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