Deer, Reverend Al Sharpton…

Dear, Rev.:

One bad apple

One bad apple… and what you are about to NOT READ, Alicia Melendez*, can be disturbing .:. 8C0618BA-C63E-4E43-812D-9C7E7309F21C •|• Told y’all that Luke was going to tell you a story.

*… or is it MenEndez?

https ://www .dailymail .co .uk/news/article-7830283/Teenager-19-kills-paedophile-priest-abused-ramming-crucifix-throat


All Eye wants for next Christmas is an X–Chair [to–go with] my Air-conditioner duct desk.

Real men

Real men .:. 9B8B5CE4-6EDB-42D5-90DC-32A8666A050D •|• Real men like Eddie Gallagher use their “significant other” (femme en Français) as a shield for their NOW, worthless “trident”. Go Army!


Dear, Francesca, that white horse was definitely not a jument, woman!

Crazy horse follows

If it’s Friday, öüï skip the Boxer and Bridget Donovan in order to ride a White Pony, because any self respecting journalist comedienne knows that you never Ride The White Horse… you either ride the Dark Horse, or do as Politico’s National “cute” Correspondent, Natasha Bertrand and RIDE The White Pony to deliver the news, woman!

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