303… it’s like Pearl Harbor w/o Ben Affleck

We’ve seen a Kurwa or two


Them Poles are talking .:. 41DB45AB-BD6D-4A3E-826F-14E7DF5B4CED –_*|*_– And in Washington, Mika had the morning off.

So Öüï covered it.
París, Francia
Capital del placer (WWII)

… dear, IKE:

mWe’ll always have Paris .:. 272A7E3B-2623-4533-9855-ECF0872DD851 •|• ISSY, we’ll meet again.

Perhaps, Mr. Five–Star, if {and only if} you had allowed Old Blood & Guts to swing Le Clerc and the 3rd Army to Poland, {then} Senator MurkoSKI (R–Alaska) would not have to worry about having to GIVE Alaska back to Vladimir Putin.


Previously on: La República de los Macrones:

Si vous n'aimez pas il aller à la TAPO

Si vous n’aimez pas il, aller à la Tapo avec AMLO .:. 466ABC55-318B-456E-96F9-015AC2058090 … en respuesta a un Cliente de la SNCF quejándose de las demoras y las aglomeraciones en las estaciones ferroviarias. Los más afectados, por supuesto, son los “Clochardos” de doña Vilma Fuentes. “Les ADF have taken my spot,” said a disgruntled SDF.

ADF = Con Domicilio Fijo
SDF = Sin Domicilio Fijo

Meanwhile at La Gare del’Este… it’s 14 hundred Hours and Cleménce Dibout sigue insistiendo, ¡pero No! —Mais non, mais non— BFM’er journalist on the street, my heart belongs to Suzi.

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