Saturday Night is for Fight’n… and Colin brought his Wife

Eye tells youse, Gnomes have no reason, period

Dear, Mrs. Jost

Deer, Mrs. Jost… youse a gnome.

… [D]eer, Lorde, is that what a Harvard education get Ewe, a “safe wall”?

Siren by any other name

Siren by any other name… It’s Weekend Edition, with your host: Jost the Gnome. You win this round Jost, but ÖÜÏ’ll catch you on the flip-side. You green mongrel you.

Might as well make it a Re-run


So, it’s just you and mí, Che.

Yo’black ass thinks that you can just kidnap my-Man Ernesto like that‽ Just because youse in New York!!!

Next thing the peacock press is going to print is that youse a “doctor”, Aussi, eh?

Being black does not make you BLACK, maaaaaan! Eye is blacker than you… and that’s not even counting Eye’s fingertips after an “invited” visit to the “station”, maaaaaaan!

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