N° 339 (das) CAPITAL, p. 36, Les Petits Secrets

The death of franprix (2015)
a bedside companion to our long running–series
The Death of French Culture,
starring Donald Morrison
with a foreword by
Antoine COMp∴ñon

Calling All Chickens
there’s a hockey aficionado
on AISLE Tesco Express
Last Train to London follows
Just left Town.


Prisma Media presents

Prisma Media presents. In Collaboration with La Poste Mobile. A POLE Emploi Production.:.F1D6F8CC-F091-48C3-863F-905D3E9ADA32 ^•_!_•^ Tous FliquésTous Notés… starring Mítú and Fo’different Reasons.

You know, Willie Geist, this could be the start of a beautiful Monoprix, with working toilettes!!! Oh, the Humanity, SATURDAY Nights might be for fighting, but Friday evenings are reserved for what the “Competent” French call « la Philosophie… or something like that », pas de asparagus ISSY, only Chinese Thé, and Dunhill smoke at a brasserie in Pigalle, à Paris.

Sardines are on
AISLE Brooklyn’s
neighborhood Walmart

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