Ladies in Gemini…Fuck The Circus

“The Soft Parade has now begun.”

When Eye was back in seminary school

When Eye was back in seminary school.:.0CF570A4-6F45-4ADD-B545-D2D4AABB6E66 •_€£€¥_• (EL EY… para aficionados).

…”This is the best part of the TRIP!”

"¥€$ he did, he bought some"

“¥€$ he did, he bought some”

— This is the trip,
the best part
Eye really like[s]…


Do not try to adjust your settings

Do not try to adjust your settings.:.ABDE1539-47B2-4999-B37F-00D29660BEE6 •|• The Song Remains The S.A.M.E. —_•!•_— The 45th President of the United States of America committed crimes that the disappeared union leader Jimmy Hoffa would approve of, —by way of contributing one Million U.S. dollars, disguised as a dinner plate ADDITION —with tip included— in exchange for a diplomatic post, in Europe, of course.

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