Dear, Natasha Butler at Aljazeera

Welcome to the [MotherFucking] human Race.

Meanwhile on Gloria's Lane

Meanwhile on Gloria’s Lane, on that track no pasa nada because Le Président de La Court à Nanterre (Altos del Sena) runs his court in the same fashion as Judge Judy does on the British Tele.:. We Are Agropecuarios, “Puhm–paruhm–Puhm_Puhm”. •|• This segment is sponsored by Vania®️

It cuts both ways, and the only ones who WIN are the lawyers. Mexico by the güey, never ceases to Amaze Mí.

"Alimony, alymony", Zeppelin goes here

“Alimony, alymony”, Zeppelin goes here.

Deer, Natasha… if that is your real name, Baby, “You don’t know WHAT LOVE IS until you have been dealt… wait for it, wait for it “mamacita” pero por mientras hay te va un Beso Salado y Sucio straight from the Siren Den.

ISSY, That's the Train that takes to Nanterre

ISSY, That’s the Train that takes you to Nanterre, straight shot from El Arco del Triunfo hasta El Gran Cubo de La Défense.:.8C26D4D5-785D-45B6-9226-19ED128D360A •|• About an Hour of sole sanding if you WALK THE LINE.


https ://www .aljazeera .com/news/2019/11/thousands-march-paris-seeking-action-domestic-violence-191123

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