Edición vespertina — Bump[er] Cars with Wallace

And in Washington, Nicolle plays the role of La Ficha Amarilla while Maddow is getting ready to eat  La Ficha Verde… wait scratch D.A.T., while Maddow is getting ready to eat UP the role, not munch on La Ficha Verde.

Crosstown Debate bumps with the big top

Crosstown Debate bumps with the big top, what a ride… if you are a political junkie, if you are a Young American, you probably only care about ASAP Rocky, or some performer like that.

It’s 23h in CET and the Big Top is giving the political animals a break after a teeth pulling session with the “Ambassador of Europe” for Donald Trump. In the mean time, Captain Pompeo is the first bumper car to get knocked the fuck out of “la pista”, for taking artistic liberties with his role of Benedict Arnold.

And for the first time on live TV, a Trump appointed ambassador —of Europe, no less— reveals that the White House chain of command is sketched in the same fashion that the fictional feds on The Godfather Trilogy drew don Vitto Corleone’s Olive Oil Export Company “assets”.


Nicolle keeps bumping on telephone pole, on a telephone pole, on a telephone pole… and then “the ambassador of Europe” goes, “hey, lady, you of all people know that the White House can get ANY phone number that they want.”

The big question now is if the próxima corrida is going to bump into the democratic debate.

"but it's gonna take Money"

“but it’s gonna take Money”… [A]nd Bernie responds: Our economy is rigged. -_!_- And they are off, Mayor Pete is at the point of No Return.

“Senator Warren”, asks Rachel Maddow, and The Mighty Mighty Bosstonne goes: read the Mueller Report and follow the money.

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