Armando Segovia à Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris — nº 2.2

Rendre La Justice

Merci pour ce moment—reloaded

Merci pour ce moment—reloaded.

Portion of a French synopsis, as rendered by the Big Microsoft building standing at the edge of Issy–les-Moulineaux.

In America, rich people are allowed to take the Fifth and then after the hearing they fly overseas to C.E.L.E.B.R.T.E. their civil obligations. In France things are in French…especially if a french millionaire’s kin’s* lawyer is telling a one-sided (and “inrevokable”) argument of the “humanity” of the french legal process.  Without a layer, this is all that I  armando segovia/armando serrano can comment on page 2* of Monsieur’s Yannick summary of my time in France and a PACS situation.

« … [M]algré la lourdeur, la fatigue et la distance imposée par la procédure, l’humain est toujours là, et même plus present que jamais, mis à nu et à vif derrière la robe et l’hermine », the paragraph in quotes is an excerpt of a what appears to be a FRENCH legal system propaganda cartoon, but the staff of this most non–consequential blog will not be able to confirm until we see the actualfilm“.

———- for the record:


Corrección redactada — 20 de noviembre 2019… mis disculpas, Comadre Letty, La Jornada no trabaja hoy, dicho d’otra puta manera, Eye is fresh-out of LoVe para dar… ISSY, ça c’est vrai, j’ai ne pas de argent, Aussi ; aquí o en ROMA.

* … a millionaire’s Layer; what chance does a “stranger” in France have in a court battle, when the opposite side Patriarch (inventor of Air France  « bag-of-shit » no less) brags about the “christmas private fireworks extravaganza” that his neighbor (a Russian oligarch) puts for the “block” in Phuket?

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