Of long coats, backpacks and knives out

With your host, three bitches and the prettiest Chihuahua since the “Yo quiero Taco Campana” dog.

Half the content

Half the content, the same Load.:.Mean while SNL outsources its “Host” liaison (slash) “Musical”  guest contract to Sara Lee’s instagram account,  Michael Che was having a cow with all of the Broadway commercials by “the” Mad Men (in long coats) of course.

But FOist, the Book of Lorne lip synched by Colin Nixon Jost, the prettiest Gknome at the Third Reich re-enactment at Starbucks®️ HoBO TV magazine, while Michael Scooter Che has a Cow just for shits & giggles at Popeyes.

Deer, Bill Maher...

Deer, Bill Maher.:.5E9EC895-8DBC-4125-BAD1-25B4DB0012EC •|• You fucking, Werewolf, thanks for the “Homeless” acknowledgements on your last (2019) HoBO TV show. Say, was that a Black Chick trying the Albino look on the panel? What a Fox! Eye bets she’s got a Brazilian do DownUnder, eh!

SNL 45… all the Knew news you can fit inside of a casket, eh… Bring Back CCR, man!!! Bring Back The Travelin’ Band Lorne, and never-Ever–mind the Aladdin Show, it’s only a genie in a bottle, for the Threesome after the show.

People who gknow Gknomes

People who gknow Gknomes.:.B804D195-99C2-4E72-8CF8-D8CF7FC4D13F •|• Gknow that you did not read it here FOist, it was a knew Knews commentary on another segment¹ of:
… in Punta motherfucking Cana, –no less. -_* And still to come, MARADONA en MajhaTlán.

Previously on:
Eye can confirm and the Siren Doughout sends signals that Yes! The Paris Photo Curator is an ASTROS Phanatik.

Musical Guest: George Benson
featuring Nõ Format
(en negritas)

Previously on Cacahuates japoneses

Previously on Cacahuates japoneses.:.CD31758A-8584-4661-9B5B-5D8FD495B674 •|• Goooooooo Six.

But first, in Local Motion knew Knews, the aftershocks from last week’s tremors in the great French Lowlands could be felt at The Olympic Stadium in Lyon. A record crowd saw Amandine Henry lead “las líon–as” to a one – null Vícto–ry over the “princesitas” de Saint–Cloud; casi esquina con la “panamericana” de Manu Chao en Boulogne-Billancourt, o algo así.

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