Hey, Maher, Eye saved Campbell’s Soup

There is a Knife in that AY…n
Of long coats and backpacks

Hay un Sac-a-do[s]

Hay un Sac-a-do[s] con mochila. Urgencia, hay un Sac-a-do[s] con mochila. Knifes out on set.

Heard on Real Time:
But there is a “Clearwater” in Ohio.

It was the maverick

It was “The Maverick” that told all of the Donald Trump todies to lick a Grapevine.

Bill “the werewolf” Maher (smoking pineapple before the San Silvestre show on Hilo, Hawaii) musing with Senator Sherrod CAMPBELL Café (D–OH) about the big Bayou over in Toledo and Lima, what A SWAMP with them pork-barrel Abrams, eh!

Eye ain’t no Senator’s Son, but we dig the OTHER John, the real war hero, and not the john at The White House.

Anygüey, Comadre Letty, if there was Ever a more spot-on stocking para meter mis mejores deseos para la temporada de los Black Fridays y los lunes negros, it has to bee in this here frame:

NO INSISTAS, mi corazón es de Susie y [Q]. ISSY, Eye saved Andy Warhol, Aussi.

Also, bee four öüï Switch it back [over] to our continuing coverage of “They want to tarnish us” Bolivar’s sword in Paris (3a parte)”, we’d like to remind the good folks at The Apollo, D.A.T.:

GARRINCHA was a heck of a DriBBler...
and unlike the Globetrotter,
Edson Arantes do Nascimento,
Garrincha never made it to Harlem.
But, Boy, could Garrincha driBBle.

Marry öüï, Susana. Unless you wish to play like that “proud Mary” who keeps on rollin’, rollin’ down the Ohio River, apparently. We’ll honeymoon down by the Seine just like that other John from Liverpool and that Japanese Ono chick.

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