The curse of the bamboozeled blind ‘bama boys

EX tortas POR Status Quo, with Joe Walsh on The Ringo Show

Joe's orbit

Joe’s orbit, yup, his head is that big, it swallows Starrs.

Öüï care less about pigskin ball…
but that’s what Alabama gets for cheering the leading leader of the Corrupt world.
Take mí out to the ball game, period
(and Öüï love purple, Aussi)

...[B]ut at least you got El Paso

…[B]ut at least you got El Paso.:.A8A4C962-831B-4EF0-B2BF-D2517EE5E277•|• hold on to that thought beeCAUSE it will come up in the Admin Court, monsieur Le rédacteur at the 11th Office in Paris; it’s part of the show and Chris Matthews holds the Archives on that sketch; so stick around, and god Bliss the Putins at fort united states.

Hoy no hubo Mo’Joe, but at least there’s always real fútbol.

After the break...

After the break.:.271D8FCF-A098-4A31-ABD5-36B13ED5E20E •|• It’s: “No shit, Sherlock”. STARRing David Ike on the Ancient Aliens Show. Episode Önë: Paul McCartney is a Ram. Really, after midnight every Knight, Paul turns into a RAM and puts people to sleep by cloning his LANA under a mattress, into many many ovejas, as they all sing backing vocals to the tune of “Meh“. Hallie Jackson reports, of course.

Coming up on The Captain Obvious Show:
Like, duh! Who else is The “All–Star Drum” going to record with, Faul McCartHney‽

…deer, John Heilemann, we are not only Broke; we are already dead. We knew this when we [the staff] decided to stand our ground. Enjoy “the circus” and « pay only for what you need ». I hope that your kids (if you have any) are learning Russian, because “Latin” is obsolete.

It’s Veterans Day
and that means that somewhere
—on every TV—
there is a Donnie Deutsch
“mattress sale”.
shop NOW!


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