“…[B]ut i’ve got a Driver and that’s a Start”

In Hilo, Hawaii, Mercury is about to R.I.S.E., and you can thank a Veteran for that, Monsieur le chef rédacteur a le 11èMe bureau, the temperature around the World on the other side of the eclipse, however, is caused mostly by people who SEND other people’s sons and daughters to war.

No Sopor for you

“Well I’ve never been to Spain”…No SOPOR for you, and tell “Fredo” that Cuomo is a “funny guy”.

“Let’s play hardball”… ¿bee¥ GrawC.I.A.’s yTú?

Deer, Rachel Maddow, any Godfather reference that “the” MSNBC’s report on, Eye can reference at least 24 hours BEE4 you do.


A warning follows

A warning follows.:.FC12B5A4-F829-4FA7-AD28-E2A2A6889551 •|• Page 7 on The Rachel Maddow Show: Double Whammy Rhodes to brief, with a BOUNUS DOUBLE BALDY tangent to FRANKENSTEIN!!! ¤ Way to show your Subject on them clips, TRMS graphic person. Very Current on the currency of gettin the attention of any given viewer.

Mean, while France court’s the Extreme Right for the municipal elections, Manuel Valls buddies, VOX, rises like a dingleberry on Uranus.

Liberty, liberty, liberty — Liberty.

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