Niño LUC… 4433

Deer Niño Luc, Eye will bee making a stop by your DEN in the coming days.



Please inform the receptionist so that s/he does not FREAK OUT… ASTA el rato pues, y recuerda Niño Luc, que la Hache en HASTA, en efecto: es MUDA.

Amarillo no me pongo

“Amarillo no me pongo…”.:.CD95E9A4-B8A4-422A-9204-610CC9EE5163 •|•
« Amarillo es el color de mi M.O.S.* »… Blue, of course is for “the queen of Battle”, Infantry.

Mean, while Phil Griffin sleeps, la comandante zapatista Rhules Pasa–Montaignes, subversivamente se dedica a lanzar mensajes a los traidores de L’armée Libérateice de Général PATTON, and in this segment the TARGET is the U.S. Secretary of State, and former D.A.T. officer Michael Richard Pompeo.

For the record

For the record, Purple Pundit.:. Eye is not a freelance, Eye is a motherfucking Spearhead, check my DD214. Just ask Black Spy… anygüey Chuck Todd, Eye hates to sound like Donnie Deutsch Grandpa, but: You’ve Come a Long Way, Virginia, did you lose Weight last night?

Sir, you have successfully relinquished PARIS to Stalin’s little Legacy. Congratulations.

Dear, President, sir:

All Tankers are born in Kentucky; American tankers, anyway.

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