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31 de octubre, 2019.


Still to come from across the street of the French Senate, Euphoria.

Show Mí your boobies

Show Mí your boobies.:.B58BCADB-87A4-4D3A-85F9-07F42523BD6B _•!•_ …[I]n the Key of LA, le point

Across The Atlantic, Senator Kloubuchar, testifies before Mika and Willie Geist that she has seen a little wiener running (up and down) without a fig leaf at The White House.

Now available over a "Modem"

« Programming » now available over a “gadget” called a “Modem ».

Blocks from that set, at a neighboring new News outlet, Laura Ingraham assures The Nation that Senator KlouBuChar just does not understand how the Third Reich Halloween theme works in the Cult of Donald Trump.

Ingraham explained that the little wiener is supposed to be Hitler’s dick on caca–laced Speed*.

The Fox pundit, which is an oxymoron for Laura Ingraham, given that the dog that killed the Islamic State bad man is a lot better looking than the bitch at Donald Trump’s commands, explained that in Parts of the “deep Austrian Alps” little wieners are common at every putsch de la Brasserie.

Eric Cantona invents Baseball

Last night, over “the phone”, Eric Cantona invents Baseball. The French striker is seen here celebrating a « Touchdown » during the bottom of the Eight Round. President Trump was at RINGSIDE, and the little whiny bitch (Trump) got  BOOED out of The Garden.


We [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] misheard the Senator “buddy” of the former Senator Claire McCass. Öüï indeed apologize for D.A.T., mea culpa and Eye blames The Washington Senators for keeping the staff up all night and part of the DAY. Catch Ewe laters’, and happy Halloween.

EDITORS should change wiener for WHINER. In any case, Laura Ingraham has some’xplaing to Do.

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