Meanwhile, over at the Siren den, Phil Griffin is producing a Chuck Todd PSA

Over at the BFM’ers de la maison de la Radio on LA RATP bus line 72, casi esquina con la Linea a los Surenses–es–es@s, Jupiter is stubbornly starring at the Sun.

Capitalismo Salvaje

Capitalismo Salvaje.:. No peer review, wait one for context, in the meantime alcoholics make the rules •|• Dear, Marianne, you know how the “americans” in Arizona rationalize Gun–to–criminal ratio (“only criminals will have guns”) to get “D.A.T. republican vote? It’s the same with marijuana, it’s a political football. All Blacks have no reason / legalize it / tax it

… [A]nd starring as Johnny Carson, Galt Macdermont; with Musical Guest:
Eric Dylan Rose.

Just add Ginger

Just add Ginger.:.4639451A-B041-4114-AB82-01039837AF28 •|• …[S]end it to the Baker and, There it IS: Clapton’s Brownies à la mode de La Seine.

PSA nº: 228
Producer: Dr. Huxtable, C; ob–gyn Kenobi
Set: The Lorne Michaels show
Target : The Anti NORML frogs
Director: Jean del Jardin in the role of Roman “dry-fuss” Polanski

NOTE to Chuck Todd’s graffix department head honcho:
you are a fag, period
anything you can do
Eye can do it better than…
ewe know

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