Breaking the register, with Arnie “digital byte”

Arnold Corns was not available for comment.

¡Arriba Macuspana!

¡Arriba Macuspana!..

Mean, while Bobos and Bobas nourished long lines at a local supermarket on account of roaming the market without cash, the “tellers” went on strike and demanded the Quid in the Slot.

Blade Runner was a Whistle Blower

Blade Runner was a Whistle Blower.:.FB4C2DA9-AC87-46CC-B140-04F154557AED

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the leader of the “tellers” demanded an automatic Human at every digital check–out, before them dang-on machines se hagan bola otra vez.

This is an Inter Mission, after the break; Alan Greenspan Presents:

The American experiment is dying, because Americans cannot keep, The Chuck Todd Republic.

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