Provecho — It’s just another Paul

It’s just another They:

“Chun_chun–Chun_chun: CHun”.

Congratulations to the Washington Nationals

Congratulations to the Washington Nationals and, The Rachel Maddow Show Blowout, the FOist just won the National League pennant, while the second has SINGLE-Handedly frozen the life of The Most corrupt man (within reach) in México. No word if the gold ferrari is going to bee put on sale and feed, from the proceeds, a El Pueblo.

Öüí beguine in WaWa land, where the French have just single-handedly invented The National Music, to celebrate The Washington Nationals swept the Cardenales de la Senadora Claire McCass of off The Edge of the scoreboard and the “Nats” are on their way of paralleling the U.S. – Mexico relationship in the era of Trump (nat’s), López Obrador (astros) and of course Carlos Slim (the evil Empire).

Dear, Nancy Pelosi

Dear, Sen. Pelosi, Madam:
If you fuckers fail, Russia will be polluting this Timezone with their piece-of-shit diesel power portaaviones.

Myka!!! Please congratulate the Washington Nationals for the 400 fans of Sen. McCass.

And in our Pipe Dream section, Sen. Amy Klobuchard plays the role of our favorite Investigator, Vilma, of course, while her colleague, Sen. Lizzy Warren dons the purple nipple and interprets Daphne, —D.A.T., Bimbo!

La Nuit de Débat

La Nuit de Débat… like “The Night Bee4”, period

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