Young African Americans, 2da Parte — Whitecolor productions

Eye told y’all that this here, issue, of an InterMission, was to bee an Early Edition.

The Paper General

El General de Papel*, transliterated context for Whitecolor Productions follow.

“There is no Leadership when corrupt leaders are not held accountable”,
dijo un negro.

…[B]ut FOist, it’s Saturday Night Live. Whatch out Gknome, put your Broken Bill Clinton’s glasses on beecause tonight Mr. Che is on the frame.

Underrated Sista

Underrated Sista… sincerely: underrated sista’s mom.

Meanwhile in Sinaloa, the Mexican president is putting his Mexican pesos on the Houston Astros… Gooooooooo, Algo–don–Eros.

So we covered it... beeCause öüï seen a Cosa or two.

So we covered it… beeCause öüï–2 has seen a Cosa or two. Oakley, however, Öüï hates to say it, failed the “hinge test”, which of course, is a mesmerizing thing to Whatch.:. EYE SAVED ANDY WARHOL, period

Mean, while Lorne Michaels spilled the beans on Elmo, Bleu was right D.A.R.E. waiting to Knabb’em… ‘er; Knabb Her.

Lorne Michaels is a snitch

Lorne Michaels is a snitch! And, sir, Evry bum in Vero Beach Gknows your name, you fucking P.A.G.E., U.

Elmo did nothing Wrong, Lorne Michaels!

Meanwhile, across the Venezia skyline’s Rearview Mirror (retroVISOR), StateFarm was a Liberty, Liberty, Liberty busy BEE.


BRANNNNNNNA!!!.:.20AA896E-FA64-41BF-BA95-0EAE98495832… wake the Fuck-up!!!

Bonus track:

Rachel Glasses looks like Buddy Holly

Rachel Glasses looks like Buddy Holly.:.326D4391-1BE7-468E-A0CC-787DD14473DF period

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