It’s the midnite hour… in West Covina

What he says

¡Viva Ronald Reagan!!!

¡Viva Ronald Reagan!!!

In Paris, France, it’s 9 a.m.

Sintexto contexto

Sintexto contexto, go ahead, take it.

… playbol

FOist order of business is Today’s BFMTV (BeeFemEr’s) Compared To What? Question of the moment:

https:// www. nytimes. com /2019/10/07/us/politics/trump-turkey-syria .html

Sad but True

Sad but True, ambassador Henry Lane Meacham, sad but True. The United States of America (sad to relay) is now, under the 45th president of THEM United States of America, the Biggest TRAITOR on the 43rd president of The United States so–called, “Coallition of them Willin’ and Dealing war horses”.  Donald John Trump is a Traitor and the Kurds will never forget.

Are stranger beings (étrangers) abused by immigration, it depends on the hand that moves the war CHEST pieces and, if you fuckers (the BFM‘er posing the question) have ever been “étrangers” in a place that where your FMI/Banco Mundial didn’t act like parents protecting the resources that ferries tales give, to the likes of Mr. Noah Rothman of “commentary magazine” on the Bill Maher show… then maybee INXS could MEDIAte.

Coming Attractions… at the French cinéma:

The Joker gets a Cheerleading Squad.

Premiere is a FAG

The web editor at Premiere is a FAG, the web editor did not have the Character to feature the poster of “HERMANAS EN ARMAS” on it’s 500 issue featuring a little leprechaun called MARTIN SCORSESE, whatch out, Scorsese, COLIN JOST WANTS TO KILL YOUR KIN. Gknomes have no reason, period


Las fuentes sin doña Vilma in Paris 2012 nor, Salman Rushdie in Philadelphia in 2008:

Noah Rothman gratuitous defense of “Capitalisme de connivence”


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