Burn the Gknome Ferris, he broke Bill Clinton’s cool specs

Thin Brits have no reason, only Periods… such as the Hello-Ween sessions. Deer Lorne Micheals, in the text of a (written) script (imagined) by a Lucky Star Brit, but (spoken) in the words of the great Farina (the actor, not the BAKER), “…[D]id’t you (British wankers) invent the Language,” and Madge on SECOND went WHAT‽‽‽, adding, perhaps NOBODY has noticed the Royal LOGO of the former EMPIRE that never sets, eh? 


Hey, Colin

Hey, Joster, replace Clinton his cool spectacles, you despicable gknome.

And Lest[er] Holt forgets,
dice la voz de Brian Williams
don’t forget the peacock
don’t forget The Times motto.

Lorne Michaels is a stray

Lorne Michaels is a stray.:.FA5B01B5-A38F-41FF-A67B-622E0ACF5B5E •|• … but most important, Lorne Michaels doesn’t have a CLUE (season 2016) that he too, that motherfucker, is an Ancient American Alien, too bad that he (Mr. Peacock) got rid of the Big Black Vag… (scratch D.A.T.)… G.O.T. rid of the Big Black Evidence in that episode’s segment. CASE IN POINT, Raquelito, case–in–point, if Leslie Jones would have been the daughter of a very powerful and influential advertising man and the heiress of the SHIT-BAG peddler on Air France and, Colin Jost was just another fucking Leprechaun with daddy issues then that cheating–backstabbin’ bitch would have her own “centenarian” GENERAL HOSPITAL Telenovela for the French, ¿o no?. Kyle is the reel Victim here, just ask Bill Maher. And Eye quotes: she didn’t love you, she loved the way D.A.T. you made HER feel.

45 is brought to you by Vania.

Bio sheets

Bio sheets.:.BEB288C3-102A-4628-AAEA-E1B9BB543908

… whatch out Gknome, Eye is coming to get you!


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