Whatch Out, Mr. Robinson…

There’s a Gknome in that Donnie Deutsch spiked spice, don’t drink Donnie’s KoolAid®️, it will turn the ITALIA and Australia (AUSSI) references on this most non–consequential blog seem like only One Day in three acts, period

Gknomes are the enemy

Gknomes are the enemy.:.BFF08DFC-A97E-4A32-97D9-52931DEF90A2

In Local News, the cool Spectacles of former President of The United States suffered an accident, details follow on BFM’er Tv… of course, the coverage slotted by Very French talking head match the Jacques Chirac State funeral mentioned on the Phil Griffin crowds.

"Oh, by the way which one is Pink?"
Leadership in a Thyme of Bars

Leadership in a Thyme of Bars

But FOist, Camilo Cienfuegos is telegraphing a Triple Play, Florence Cassez is at the Plate, Sean Penn is coaching La Antesala; I don’t know is standing there, and Madge on Second le dice a doña Kate: ¿Qué?

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