Just for the sake of History

Shouldn’t “the” President of the “so called” United States be a Clear and Presence fixture at Saint Sulpice? WTF‽ Wee Tang Clan?


Hey, Monsieur Brana á FRANCE 24: WAKE THE FUCK UP, it’s the 11th Hour in New York, motherfucker… now Go Ahead and inform The Tribunal de Grande INSTANTS à Clichy, that Senator Pelosi, from The Great STATE of CALIFORNIA is going to be N° 46 at The White House; “Start spreading the news”.

Pinches gringos (at the Daily Beast in Nice, France) are a bunch of pussies.

It’s like Nicolle WALLACE never existed, period

Lizmark was here, period

It’s like this, The French bureaucracy is going to sink this blog, and THAT IS FINE, but…  i don’t give a FUCK. Burn mí. AUSTRALIA IS THE enemy.

Deer, John Heilemann, we, the staff, are going to Jerk–oFF now… what else is there to do, blow up the Entire World? Eye could, but instead we [the staff] are going to… you know, eh?

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