If its Sunday, Delacroix is offering Freedom Fries… from here to Eternity

El rito de Rita

El rito de Rita y otras historias de los ritos en los Hombres G…reen .:. Tio Alberto folows… “qué suerte tienes, Cochino”.

Saint Sulpice is the peoples Church, amigo José, ISSY, Eye likes Green Butts and He cannot deny.


Oh, MarCELLO TomáSSI (1968) period

Cheap Trick follows…
“Surrender but don’t give your shelf a güey”, period

semolina's CODEX

Semolina’s CODEX.:. Pilchard had a Code Server dedicated only to The Ruttles, a spin–off of the Hamburg quartet, which he designated as “The Alemán Brother’s Band”, a guy named Pete kept the Beat, but John Being John was having noNo of D.A.T., period

Hear mí out Frank, Phil Griffin à msnbc is a FAG, period, full–stop, with bubble gum on one side and spittin’ that Beechnut Juice™️ from the other; Camilo is in the zone with all them Houdini pitches that analógicamente frecuencia la modulación en el  Diamante.


Don't Go Any Güer...a

MEAT the press

It’s still the bottom of the Eight and the entire MEXICAN TRIPLE AAA LEAGUE salutes a El Principe, veterano de las Mil Millas en la liga mexicana de PLAYBÓL!!!

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En la voz de Mauricio

En la voz de Mauricio: no insistas Comadre Letty, them gizzards belong to el Niño Luc, and stop WhistleBlowing on my popsicle toes.

Over at the Farmer Jon’s Stand, Faith No More is offering a Cookie Kush Space Cake straight from las Islas de Paco, with the purchase of “Un barquito de patatas bravas » de Paila, —carretera a Nuevo Lyon.

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