6th Arrt. à Cloud Nine.

… or SOMETHING like that, punto y Let It Bee! Maaaaaan !

You never gave Mí your Money

“You never gave Mí your Money…” you, only gave mí your funny “ViSa” papers, punto y ven y JÁLALE, aquí en el Perímetro.

For the Record:

The IMS (Mexican Institute of Sound) in his B.E.S.T. « barquito musical » wished that he had the RubberFunking elasticity of this most non Consequential tribute… y de paso, desde Juaritos y El Chuco:

Que Chingue A Su Madre Alejandro TOPOrowski.

Oh, the humanity… the arrogance of the French, at an opera venue, of all places, what’s next, Monterey Jazz Festival à Nuevo Lyon, Francia? And then what? A motherfucking show about Doctors!?

… text follows after La Carga, God-damned French just invented Cali, o ALGO así. La cosa es de que hasta el chingado Limón de Merengue pusieron en el menu del aperitivo de l’Opera nacional de fip.




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