Intermedio From Jazz to Rock

Fraggle Rock meets the Benched Rhodie, hilarity ensues on CSPAN when Mr. Noa Noa learns hoe how to play the “A Train” on guitar.

Dear, Justice Sotomayor:

il suffit de demander

… il suffit de demander, o algo así, period

First time caller long-time listener ever since you recommended reading “chiquillos y chiquillas” books to learn another language and/or tongue, and let Mí tell you (Judge), this “guy” that Eye knows chose to follow-up on El Príncipe (in Version “Short People), New Mexicans refer to that particular tome as “El Principito”, which brings me to the following CSPAN capsule.

But FOist:

In Paris...

À Paris, a Swedish girl who went by the name of Pippi Long Sockings complained that Vicente Fox confiscated all of The Seine para los potrillos de don Chente.

… no insistas, comadre LETY!!!

Dear, non-readers, we regret to inform you that technical “gknomes” continue to meddle with the msnbcomefipedy programming, and yes, another raggedy-ass porcelain strenght Tim Apple®️ charging cable bit the dust, plus we [the staff] got evicted from our underground bunker at the Forum in Les Halles; there’s a new building owner à Les Halles, all of my African brothers in rent–a–cop uniforms look “adorable” in red tie & headgear stripe; very Jamaican Mon’, very Red Stripe®️, thank you sirs and madam for a good–lookin’–out for the past year and a half, if Eye ever makes it, Eye is going to rent MAR–A–Lago in Florida so that y’all can have a nice fucken Ball, and maybe, (who knows) a permanent Vacation in the land of broken and melted pots.

TimeStamp: 10h43 in Soupe Populaire Thymes.

JUSTICE Sotomayor and, Mme. Lagarde at the French européen bank, you two are pinch-hitting for it’s the middle of the eight inning, y la primera de Tres Caídas Sin LIMITE DE TIEMPO en relevos Australianos and, in the voice of Brian Williams, Jonathan Swan probably things that this crow, Russell [we call him] is the same Phoenix who killed the Emperor on his way to the Forum. ISSY, Australia is the ene mí, en Sol Sostenido Mayor, punto


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