Hello. Hello, again. — Fuck Rolling Stone, Fuck Spin, and yes, Fuck Les inRocKuptibles

Who heard it here FIRST?

Willie Gaïst, did.
Because that android is more human than a human zombie reading the REAL NEWS, man!!!

Realismo para “el mágico”, el “magnifico”, El Sensacional, El ÚNICO:

French people

French people have no reason, Vol. 4 (The Greatest Hits)


Dear, Marianne, looky–here:

Get some VSOP* and check this here Shit, out:

It was the bottom of the Eight, and the Chief of the prefectos à La Prefecture de Cité, switched hitters and SPORTSMANSHIP TACTICS with the Supreme Tribunals de Clichy and to make matters more GREEK, the game went from el deporte de los toletazos a el drama de Los Coztazos, catch this preamble out:

The People of AZTLAN
(avec un vrai Standard Operating Procedure)


The Tribe of Lancry Atalian Security

NOTWITHSTANDING, Camilo Cienfuegos is at the mound and little “French Cuffs” is at the plate, En ESTA Esquina, Quién está, y en la otra Yo No Sé, eh, meanwhile Madge laced-up a pair of roller skates and she’s Roller Derby Queen the fuck out of a big Cardboard sign that enumerates the rounds, Madge is a rabble-rouser and we [the staff] love her for it, even if she too, but unlike Kate*, fucked Sean Penn en el Castillo de don Erik, her dad, (KATE’s dad) who died after hearing the NEWS that El Chapo is going to distribute his “earnings” among UN PUEBLO BUENO, while the French, of all motherfucking people are officially REPRISING THE VERY WAR THAT KILLED CIVILIZATION, which of course is, Ronald Reagan’s War on Drugs.

Eye Saved Andy Warhol

Digression for Mr. Macron

Monsieur, el Presidente:

Boys who like pot

Boys who like pot, girls who like Coke®️

What if this “incident” would have been fueled by alcohol? Would you dare insult THE BEER FESTIVAL lobby with tighter controls for Bacchus?

Fucking Lone Ranger

Fucking Lone Ranger…

… by the güey (monsieur le President) thank you for calling me By My Name, unlike your predecessor, who split me INTO TWO different sports pages.


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