… [I]f it’s Sun They, then it’s Siempre en Do•mí–n–GO

The Secret Life of los champiñones de Lewis Marianne… vous l’avez*?

Cher Aude

Cher, Aude al dente andante ((Rich et Gratuit)) the French Oxymoron Touch, check this out, bitch: AUSTRALIA is Dee Ene. Mí., aussi, period

It’s 9 a.m. in Central Europe Thyme

Happy Birthday Don Porfirio

Happy Birthday Don Porfirio.
CREATIVE COMMONS international license X punto Ω, period, share alike and don’t make money from my WORK, Donnie Deutsch. Foto por Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto

Happy Birthday, don Porfirio. Here is a postcard from THE EDGE:

show your work, period

The Process: Show Your Motherfucking Work, not your ivy league connections—Happy Birthday Don Porfirio.
ENJOY don Chente’s Coca-Cola®️ and this postcard from THE EDGE at the Unesco, —à Invalides— period

Mexican Flat top on a transnational escalator

Post Cards ProBONO

El General Jimmy Smitten’s arrolló, aquí aussi •|• Postcards de ProBONO. Deer, Marianne Uncommitted, it ain’t Over until the Fuentes sing!!!

Deer, Louis Black:

Here’s a riddle fo’Yo cranky lifestyle, you remind me of an old Matthew McConAugHEY, not for your looks, but tather because of your curls, rather…(wait for’Em#, wait…) Ewe sexy motherfucker.

Lana del Rey

£ana del Rey

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