the stolen opening Drum Solo of “Panther Pink Panther from Head to Toes“ — an update

Fuck, monty python

Fuck, monty python… Peter, is my rock, period

Deer Cousin Joe, please bee advised that the latest Poles, who, according to our Men on FOist, are talking and, playing with Tito Santana, reflect that Semolina Pilchard was a chlorinated charal after all. The informant at Rue de Truffaut, un tal Girsham explained that he was caught in the Amsterdam Hilton —in upstate New York— and that “Cops with Guns” continue to TRUMP “lawyers with SUBpeanuts”, o algo así.

Da Firm Productions presents:

Da Firm Productions presents…
In collaboration with, MINORITY Schizoanalysis and Deluc & Deleuze Investigations

—Issy, ahi tiene usted el caso del sr. Meade, futuro colega y/o litigante ante la TREMENDA Corte de Mme. Legarde.

[Dijo el ratón Crispín]

For the record, Mme Legarde, Christine, one–each, we  [the staff] had to interrupt our previous temporality about TELMex et La Bagagerie on account of a series of catastrophic coverage on the BFM’er & MsnBC’s, so…

The Inn Crowd

The Inn Crowd

… please stand–by for the “Amigo” plan. In the mean, while yada, yada, yada, Thyme:  No insistas Comadre Lety, my 🖤 belongs to Suzi. Besides, Marine LePen is back from La Rentrée y pues, ‘Sta cabrón el asunto.

PACS man

PACS man contra La Gambetta Japonesa, period

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