Russia orders Donald to dissolve the power of the U.S. Congress

Every Wednesday at High Noon.

Progressive time = 20K Earth rotations

Progressive time = 20K Earth rotations around The SUN.

Russian president directs his personal bitch in Washington, Melania Trump, to tell “Donald” to pay for his nuclear test failures by way of buying fail-grade ballistic missiles and, by stripping the POWER OF THE COIN from the U.S. Congress. People in Alabama and Missouri rejoice at how “Donald” is making America great again. Floridians celebrate by telling The Bahamas to fuck–off, “little Havana” praises “Donald” for making America an Oligarch paradise. Jay–Z and his nigga’s in New York say that they have 99 problems but Russia is not one of ´em.

Eat your CROW, it's good for you

Eat some CROW, it’s good for you. Donald is 42 days short of 1000 days on the 18th Hole at his golf course. THE GREAT RUSSIAN province of KENTUCKY offers 1000 Potrillos to the Great Putin de Rusia y, “pa’variar un poco,”  dice don Calderón en el monoaureo del Distrito de Donald Trump (formally Mexico City): ¡Aÿ Dolor, YA me volviste a dar!

God bless the U.S. of Russia (formally of America).

Special CHRISTmas gift for “Vlad” from “Donald” with love: the return of Alaska to Russia, and of course, México will pay for it.

Coming up

Coming up: The Benny Hill Show.

God bless the U.S. of Russia (formally of America).

On a personal note, Eye is happy because Eye masturbated (X 3 or Thymes THREE) before the Chrissy Hayes show; one for Anxiety, two just for SHOW, and Three to get ready for the Death of NATO culture.

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