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Dorian takes the shape of Chuck Todd’s Cabeza de Vaca, and Trevor Noah found a D & D’s die and then he played checkers with some guy named Stephone Hardon.

Over on the Carolina Peaches no pasa… nada, y por eso:

Dorian sports the “latest” in French Theory, here’s the Direct Line… ORDER, NOW!!!

La gorra de Dorian

La gorra de Dorian.:. Who’s trippin’ y’all. Everybody gKnows that them Spectacles are 100% Plzeñ, pura Bohemia de la güena.

The following is an unpaid anuncio d’occasion for our reviewers at the HuffPost satellite of the Préfecture de Police (Cité Ligne Nº 4)

Churchill in Drag follows

Churchill in Drag follows. Over at fip central You don’t know Bo… and Monsieur le president dit: oh yes, I know that mule, y añade, a eso los muy franceses “le llamamos abuso de confianza”, dijo el mas grande de los gaseosos en el espacio local.

And over on the Sea Bee Eses, rather than Dan, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo gives Donald Trump’s ambassador to Mexico the opportunity to play the ROLE of Henry Lane Wilson in Quentin Tarantino’s blockbuster epic: Las Quesadillas de La Ciudadela si llevan queso.

Laboratorios Camacho presenta

Laboratorios Camacho presenta: Just take your fucking Kool-Aid ™️ drops “Lolita”…. and Madonna, Mr. Noah, went: WHAT‽ —_• … and this mi querido Daily Show from The PLAN “BEE” from le monde de los BFM’ers de Le Monde, is how Circular Lexico works; and that’s no jive, Mr Noa Noa, that in fact is a new porno channel on Youtube by the same people that EMPLOY cut and paste digital artists at The HuffPOST in FRANCE. Oh, The Humanity, period

Porfirio Muñoz Ledo manda a los representantes de todos los mexicanos a Chihuahua a un baile. El presidente de México da cátedra de liderazgo a los americanos; “Blame the players, not the G.A.M.E.”:

Vergüenza“, el intento en mi partido por cambiar ley a modo: AMLO

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