Dear, Susana — You are my Octopussy, baby… COUSIN JOE, go back to Nantucket, period

… [A]£ways look on the bright side of life, eh! »

Dear, Pierre Duboulanger

Dear, Pierre Duboulanger, please give My Regards to Brian Williams, period

Eye, will show you, Siren, a post-edit Star to look at, wait one, honey Vee, BeeCause another Kitten has entered in the Eye of La Quebrada de Dorian Ramírez. ( K.A.T.C.H. )

Context follows

Context follows.:.73BC53D9-7397-4367-A1A9-A89B8EB5F2B6 •|• Eye is not a JazzBOT

And while Eye is at it, listen up Marks & Spenser, don’t you mutts go thinking that you two bad-DIENTES tea-baggers are going to escape the wrath of Raymundo MonTEAlban de “Le Monde, del mundo de Le Monde », eh!!!

But, FOist, do you want the Eye of Dorian to swing WEST!? Eye is an American, Eye lives and dies on Credit, Let’s go! Place your bet on tennis. Check this out Mika; youse gonna like it.

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