… [P]reviously, on “Dub the mic on the piano”…

Might as well, JUMP, period
‘cus when the leBEE breaks,
you know:

Fall 2019
Intro to Venn Diagrams

Chavelita II didn’t give a fuck about the size of them Brexiters, o algo así. It’s all part of The Process.

Y en el rol de El Chupacabras

Y en el rol de El Chupacabras: DORIAN Gray, —of course.

Dear, Jazz àFip, your live transmission has feedback, and it sounds like shit. What‽ Are you Fela’s underground, OR… is it something In Da’Güey she moves. —Dear, LORDE!!! Are you Felas, inside of an Aluminum tank or, is it Something in the way Chi*—whoos you, eh?

CHI, of course is 1/2
of Cago…
Y Lee Noys.

Y túd

Y túd y Catch.:.226104F4-B959-4909-98B1-13B1194A814E •|• Playball!!!

Proof that Paris, Paris just don’t give a darn. Take the fippers to Montreal, or some town with a big’Ol Bridge, and Suzy and them Sepultureros transmit from Bars, from Beds, from Beds and Breakfasts, period

Issy it's like D.A.T., and that's the way it is

Issy it’s like D.A.T., and that’s the way it is ; CAT III, period.. Hey, Brother, spare a ticket!!!

… yet In Paris, Paris sends DEM’ sirens to the underground, until the Staff let’s La Comadre Lety that it just would not work out between us. No Insistas, comadre Lety! Give them Sirens a proper cabin!!! No Seas!!! The Echo, not to mention the bunny-men, are just to much to bear.

It’s the Top of the Eight, and Camilo Cienfuegos is at the Mound, let’s see what François Truffaut relays from El Monte de los pendejos.


Finally!!! Turn the page, and Let it roll, Marcus, roll. Good thing that you don’t read hip-hop.

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