For the record, Mr. BoJo: Oh là là, Kentucky

Dear, British Prime Minister of the Queen of England Provinces:

Bill Maher is a potrillo lover

Bill Maher is a potrillo lover… EYE Gknew IT. Eye GOTs YOU FUCKER!!!

Please bee advised that when dealing with BlueGrass matters on this most inconsequential blog, öüí, of course are referring to le grand Etat de Kentucky, and motherfucker [Sir!] please make a note that when Jack asks to deliver the Amazon, en partes, we [the staff] of course are referring to the 21st Century  version of the Midnight Rambler, A.K.A. “the crowned prince” of Saudi Arabia.

For the record, Bill Maher, please relay to that North Dakota Representative that she is not fooling any one: Release THE CRÜE!!! She’s got The Vince in her!!!

Who's on FOist?

Who’s on FOist?…

Now, you might bee wondering what Oh là là has to do with the News of Mexico as seen by a Californio Transnational, eh? The French Riviera and Donnie Deutsch that’s what. And Madonna said, “Yup, now giddy–up, Bitch,” and say hello to Saturday Night Politics à Madison Avenue, en Nueva Yo’l.

… that break dancing kid on the beach is non other than “El Potrillo de don Chente,” yes, Sir! Yes, Indeed. And, oh by the way, in the words of Ice Cube [once/when] in R.O.M.E.:

… California, [o algo así] está en dónde quiera que IO este.

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