As the World del mundo de Le Monde Turns on The U.S.A.

Kim Deal[s], “period”

Sonic Mid-Life

Sonic Mid-Life, “period”

LOURDes, Francia_ Insolito. Luc Fregon returns with news from Kilamanjaro, where Pandas are involved in a legal prostitution racket involving Al Bundy’s cloned “pumpKINS”… oh, the humanity ; but most important in this Sketch from the Artist formally Gknown as Sonic, ARE the Donnie Deutsch advertising Euros on the USA TODAY on the Sports page, section B, where else, eh? Section C, not even, these pumpkins have no Almendras in them.


Mattress SALE!!!
Advertising rates available at Gannett USA. Where money talks, “period”

Exhibit: B… for MONARCH

Sección A, for NOW

Sección A, for NOW, which coincidentally, also stands for Monday’s abbreviation of MON ; fucking, Aussies, they do everything up-side dOWN, “period”

Pero, ¿Quiere Más de Luc Fregón???
Semolina’s Eye from N° 10 Downing Street
NutELLA is the leader of them Monarchs.

Faks is on Shortstop

Eye don’t give a FAKS is on Shortstop, “Lifer”.

Just The Facts, Joe ; only the best FAKS in the World of Crow.

Laboratorios Camacho

Laboratorios Camacho, en la calle Stanton de El Paso, Texas. — This Message is approved by El “Carnal de Las Estrellas” en el IHEAL de París (2015) y Alejandro González Ignarri, “PERIOD”

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