Watch out Emmanuel, ese Putin está “iridiado”

ISSY, los mismísimos BFM’ers no lo pueden Tapar ni con el índice del tal Louis Jupiter!!!

In this Universe

In this Universe, Barack Obama was not even on Lisa Kudlow’s dad list. In this universe, George Bush (the Second) pulled a Sweet Sixteen and Nicolle Wallace became the owner of the Anaheim Angels… Nicolle then proceeded to fire Mike Scioscia.

Welcome. Ladies in Gemini. A continuación, La Corrida de Sarah Silverman en Saint–Tropez, with your host:

Eye took the Liberty of

Eye took the Liberty of.:.22529C99-01F4-468A-ABA3-317B3849EA32 •|• how to turn an Albino Hippopotamus into a “Potrillo” Seth Gerund: just add D.A.T. TANG y’all.

K I L L ª IKE  and Little Aÿquito
Stuffed "Slingshot" CapitalistAS
from them Yankee'folk,
—of course.

…[m]ean while Italians are repossessing their ‘pristine’ sable del Parvis de Paname, Donald Trump (in this Universe) is not the 45th President of the EEUU, instead, he owns the New York Yankees and them Jon Stewart “Giants”, aussi. And over at Rockefeller Center, the Poles went on Safari and Anthony Scaramuchos was superimposed as The Rachel Maddow Show.

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