It’s 4 o’Clock in Washington — Toga, Toga, Toga!!!

Starring, Nicole Wallace as the Umpire and Bill Nye as the flame Thrower. The “science guy” as the Nye is gknown in the ecoSystems, is melting Greenland for that them damn CATO fellows. In Seattle, “the evergreen State” all of the melted water from them Canadian rockies filled the Gorge at George… and Cosmo Magazine, absorbed it all.

Breaking the Gknews

Starring you

Starring you, of course. Mr. President of them ‘Tubes. At Ari Melber’s Set, hoy no hubo Jazz and not one Arizonan fell back.

Donald Trump purchased Green Acres!!!

In this episode, or rather, in this universe The announcement came blaring from the recycled speakers that used to sound a Siren every Wednesday at High–Noon across France. The speakers served as an EARLY WARNING system for enemy aircraft. The French early warning system was decommissioned and sold as Military Surplus at 50 percent off. Nains included. The clearing of the Sirens was part of the Chinese demands ACROSS the world, which they (the Chinese men) now OWN. MOONIES EVERYWHERE PROTESTED. And My Niggas in Paris where like, What‽‽‽

Over at rural New York:

Sweet Calcutta Rain

Sweet Calcutta Rain, Batman, Al Pacino is a Fettuccini FREDO Lover!!! POW!!!, WHAM!!! — ZAPP and Roger, out.

The Doors were scheduled to Open the gig at some Grampa’s ranch called Woodstock or something like that, however, some three-legged stooge decided to shoot Andy Warhol while the Soup Icon was shooting a commercial for Donnie Deutsch sponsored by the Campbells Soup target practice NRA Mouseketeer hour on them NBC.

Jim Morrison, frontman for The Doors, was drinking “mezcal en jarrito” when the three-legged stooge walked into the General Supply and Chicas del Coro Brasserie and unloaded on Andy’s botes de SOPA at the saloon. Morrison, in the role of Doc Holiday, answered the three–legged stooge attack, but not before being shot in the ass.

The self proclaimed king of the pejelagartos, was released from the hospital in time to make the bus in seconds flat, but no toilette bowls were available for the Lizard King and doughnuts for the stool provided would not work. This, ladies in Gemini is the real reason why The Doors didn’t make it to the farm… because Jim Morrison was shot in the right-cheek below the BELT. Foul Play, but the UM–pire ruled it a Strike against Women who hate air conditioning at the set of Donnie Deutsche’s madmen Rockefeller UM-pire annex on Madison Ave.

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