10 in CET — Sharon Tate is Alive, but…

Live from Silver Lake:

The American Pull Guy [CATO]
fucked America.
Jason Jones sugar-bitch trench coat reports!!!

¡No te dejes America!!!

¡No te dejes America!!!

AMERICA WOKE UP, sadly, racist. America then called big Dora and then both pochas called for a Day without MAGAZINES, and Madge on Second Base said: What????

A Django Schaefer productions

A Django Schaefer productions.:.3A7C4D0B-ED4C-4AF8-8AFA-E183923593C7 •|• Eye knows that the Ambulance on that “bring mí some Bagels shot is a SAGITTARIUS.” Eye sees what you did D.A.R.E., Quentin. Gonna go knoc on your door now, —motherfucker.

And then, America [and big Dora called Ed Norton for advice, being that Ed had been all up in Serendipity so, after Ed explained to them two that SONY Institute of Music owned the rights to the “at” The Drive–In, both at CHELLES, France, and at Miner Hall in UTEP, he [Ed Norton] had his hands tied, but that his “Fight Club” knuckles recognized the Lethal Weapon in that D.A.R.E. silver refrigerador 87 on wheels and so Ed Norton suggested to DEM2 to call Botellita de Jérez, and so DEM2 ] called for a Day without Frijoles (slang for Balas) and then Trevor Noah focused on the cost of 3 doritos at his Benny Jana hollywood bungaloo.

from here to

I Saved Andy Warhol.

It’s an upside-down world, but América Stays.

No service


wip… Dear, Johnny Madrid. Stick around and nevermind The Commissioners Line, it’s a Seven-digit number, and everyone now Gknows that the codex is made up of X–digits on a barbie DUNE boogie.

Still to come: it’s an All-PELOS! weekend.

Milano follows

Milano follows, via The Jersey Shore to Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile at Rockefeller Central, Joe and Mika had the morning off.

Meanwhile, back at the Range:

General Supply pundits

General Supply pundits y Las Chicas del Coro Saloon. I–10 and Concordia.

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