Efemérides: Mary had a Heaven’s Pass

Recession loomed at the heartland®️

… but what’s up with your (ELOY Vallinas) partner, Liberty?

Camilo Cienfuegos is at the plate. Camilo will not need a swing-hitter for this reVamp. Beto: go to the Senate.


American Citizens barred from Bibi’s falafel shop!!! Netanyahu’s hardliners prevent traveling Doritas from being fabulous at Tel Aviv Plages, o algo así… BETO. Go To The Senate. If you do, Eye will give you a Stella.

Dear: Red dress… please tell Beto to go to the Senate, before i die in my sleep, and meet a little charred girl on my way yo Halles.

Deer, Red Dres:

I prefer to see where my district “kings” are visible, Congresman King was elected. He does have a voice. Congressman King does speak for a portion of that Tariff that you paid for that sexy RED Dress. Indeed, Chrissy J. INDEED… hey Chuck Todd, gonna go listen to the Stone Roses, say hello to Alexi… Alexi, Eye wants your hair on his KAFTA.

Musical guest:
and so this is Christ-Más!

screen-grab goes here… gotta go watter the rats, öüï’l bee right back.

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