Moving on… Ketchup.

You say Tomatoe — Eye says:
go fuck yourself.
Lucy Fernández Noroña [drops Mike and then proceeds to tell Toto: you are not in Kenya anymore, moreno].


/r/kenya… Eye loves this Güey.

Tomates, .10 cents à dozen.

Previously, on:
No Llores por mi longaniza, Trevor,
que Chorizo no te va a faltar.

Boloña y salchicha

Boloña, baloney et, n’importe qoui.

Manu Chao, caught the weak-ass foul ball from Agent Angle, slapped his ass [agent Angle’s ass] and unloaded a missile to Second Base where Madge, now wearing What’s number, made the easy play on Derek [Aguas] Waters, which got Camilo Cienfuegos that Double-Play that Brian Williams was telling you about in the Voice of the One-and-Only: Andrea MitchumVince Scully.

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