Deer, John Oliver… Eye sea your Marble-hole cake and:


Is that an elDorado Fountain?

Is that an elDorado Pluma Fuente?.:. Or, are you just happy to feel mí, eh?

Not to bee outdone, Les Républicains française-es-esos de BFM Tv have improvised on their First Edition Matutina, the first Continental Hole-on-the-Ground of the US of A outside of California.

For your EyES only

For your EyES only.:EEAA5595-D2E6-4A56-A162-604C29F59CB9… ISSY ; Talk = Débat (en Francés)

And, John, you magnificent son–of–a-mare, please bee advised that if Eye was a “talking head”, Eye would definitely tender FUCK Chantilly-bleu-lace before la rentrée. Just Sayin’, if Eye was a “talking head” Eye would caress that set. FOsure.

Over at the London MsNbSeas, the talking Bond markets at MI–6 woke-up today, el martes 13 de la segunda semana del mes de agosto—Al–costo del 2019 to the sight of Santo-Clos, everywhere. Hallo–Halloween on a Zip–line follows, but the only thing that matters on the other side of a ‘rising’ Atlantic it’s Sex, Drugs, and holding Donald Trump’s twits on the screens.

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