Ladies in Gemini: El Paso en L’OTAN

It’s a very Rowdy Pied Piper kind of joint.

French Felinas Bar

French Felinas Bar.:DC47C16F-D637-4574-A9EE-D90B819F7CAC •|•

Mean, while Donald Trump is president of them united states, the cubans put a Pause on “ELLA”,  según La Chica. Sources close to Ice Cube say: DANM!!!

Oye Suzi

Oye, Suzi: si vos no tenéis compromiso con alguno de Los Sepultureros, yo, armando segovia, te invito a CaliForNicar, pero nomas te me vayas a poner Flamenca, eh! Que’sto es sólo un pequeño blog sin consecuencias… in any Case, youse probably engaged to a Prince, or something like THAT. 

It’s a replay of the bottom of the Third and, Camilo Cienfuegos just struck out Richard Nixon and Governor Actor Ronald “blue suede shoes” Reagan, who still has not figured out how to dance with those SHOES on. That Camilo feller’s ON Fire.

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