Estimada Sra. Longoria, the Answer is Yes.

And Trevor, you bet your “Dimple Ricardo” that yes:

Eye agrees...

Eye Agrees.:ACE85F06-971C-437F-8CBE-687DBD8673B8 •|•
AQUÍ HACE FALTA una Legend, John. Bring on The MariJazzy. Morrison has left the ORbit.

Número Uno:
As soon as Donald Trump straps one of The Newly (French) INVENTED Zapata hover boards, Pigs Will FLY.

Número Dos, AUSSI, any DINGO WILL TELL YOU THAT, CONTRARY TO Tesla dissing young Soccer Team Explorers…

Hoy no hubo departures

Hoy no hubo departures.

“But what Eye really Want To Gknow?”, Mr. Noah, is what in the hell is going on with them South African buildings, señor. Look at’Em#!!! Just look at those SINester Angles D.A.R.E.!!!

Legacy Box

Legacy Box, Mr. Noah? Is that a remnant of your Black history? The Eyes have Walls, eh!!! Para nosotros en el Extranjero ese cuarto parece un Apartado Postal. SIGNED. SEALED. DeeeeLiverEd.

Surely, Mr. Noah, if that in fact is your Real Name, your buildings eat Mexican Explorers when they don’t succeed to take YoUr GoLD, eh!

But GNOT this THYME, Mr. Noah. Knot Dis GNUTS!!! These nuts —and ALMENDRA — are Mexican.

TimeStamp: 20:00 in CET

Coming up after the shimmy dance, it’s Bojangles and Stikki Peaches. In tonight’s episode, them little wacky “Deadline White House” armies are at it again. In this section of Finals Weak, the purple pundits must Show their Work beefour bringing in The LA Guns, in the voice of Villarraigosa.

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